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Your Way, My Way


You took the words out of my mouth…

That’s a weird metaphor, when you think about it.  But that’s exactly what came to mind when I tore yesterday off of my Dr. Wayne Dyer calendar and landed on today.  Today reads: “Do what you want, as long as you’re not interfering with anyone else’s right to do the same—this is the definition of morality.”  This seems so right and so simple and so obvious to me.  And yes, I’m baffled when other people don’t feel this way.

I think we can take a lesson from our furry friends here.  They don’t judge each other.  We have a plethora of birds, squirrels and even some wild rabbits who hang in our yard (we serve some delicious selections in the bird feeder and leave some goodies out for the other species as well).  I can pretty much guarantee that one squirrel isn’t telling the other that he isn’t allowed to climb our apple tree a certain way.  And the birds aren’t banning birds of different feathers from nibbling some of the seed.  And the bunnies aren’t preventing others from dining on our dandelions and clover.

So why does it matter to (some of) us if others want to make different choices? Yes, we have the gift (or curse) of rational and logical thinking—why does it seem that those gifts are used for irrational and illogical thinking so damn often?  If we can reason, use logic, make judgements, why use those skills against others?  If I choose to sit during a song or pledge, as long as I’m not preventing you from standing, why does that matter?  If I want to believe in 12 gods, no god, worship a plant or a pasta strainer, all while allowing you to worship your own way, how is that a problem?

I eat a plant-based diet.  The bunny-daddy sustains himself on mostly processed meats, beer and energy drinks.  I don’t begrudge him that.  I might tease sometimes… but that should cease, too, if I’m truly hopping the hop, not just talking the talk.  I don’t roll with any organized religions.  That might change as time goes on—who knows?  But I’ll never tell you that you can’t, thus I appreciate you respecting my ways.

Try not judging… if for no other reason than it’s easy!  I can pretty much guarantee that judging and wanting to change the beliefs, ways and choices of others is far more frustrating, upsetting and energy-consuming than just staying in your own metaphorical lane.  Be more like those cuties in our yard… they seem like they have it figured out.

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