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Committed to helping you release the blocks to your happiness and your purpose.

Committed to helping you release the blocks to your happiness and your purpose.

Maybe you dream of feeling rested rather than feeling tired all of the time.

Maybe your goal is to step off of that path that everyone else expects you to follow.

Maybe you have desire within, but you’re frustrated, because you just can’t figure out what it is.

Oh, I’ve been there… and working with a coach helped me align my gifts and my dreams… helped me set a plan for success and accountability. I coach to pay forward the invaluable gift that was granted to me.

I believe in you (even if I don’t know you yet). But you have to believe in you.

Release your fears. Find your confidence. Transform your frustration into celebrations.

You are worthy.

Work with Me

Mindset Coaching

Personalized, one-to-one coaching via Zoom or phone call, at your preference. My specialties include happiness, confidence, and uncovering your sense of purpose.


Hello, gorgeous! I’m Denise Bertolotti, teacher, animal rescuer, mindset coach, and speaker. 

I am the mother of 2 rabbits, Peanut and Tater Tot, and I proudly volunteer with the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group in New York. 

Through my coaching, I help people find their happiness, embrace their confidence, and develop a resilient mindset. Stress and toxicity will pop up in this life; together, we can create and implement strategies that will bring you back to your happiness, your confidence, and your truth.

A public school teacher for 17 years and counting, I also offer personal and professional development workshops and coaching specific to teachers and other school staff.  This content is designed to help education professionals work through the pressures of the current climate in education and develop themselves to, in turn, better serve their students and school community.