"I am committed to helping you find your true happiness"

Maybe you dream of feeling rested rather than feeling tired all of the time. 

Maybe your goal is to step off of that path that everyone else expects you to travel.

Maybe you have desire within, but you’re frustrated, because you just can’t figure out what it is.

Oh, I’ve been there… and working with a coach helped me align my gifts and my dreams… helped me set a plan for success and accountability. I coach to pay forward the invaluable gift that was granted to me.

I believe in you (even if you don’t know you yet). But you have to believe in you.

Release your fears. Find your confidence. Transform your frustration into celebrations.

Committed to helping you release the blocks to your happiness and purpose. You are worthy.

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Hello Again

Instagram Facebook Envelope I’ve been quiet. Quiet here, for sure, but very quiet today. And, damn, does it feel good… It’s Sunday. I used to write to you (well, to me and to you) every single Sunday for YEARS. 2020, my “word” for the year was Slow Down. Part of that slowing down was taking

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Let’s Go for a Walk…

Instagram Facebook I’ve lived a high-performance, successful life… go bigger, take on more, happy and grateful but never complacent. Through it all, I always felt like something was off, a consistent pit in my stomach, lump in my throat… but I was supposed to be happy. I had “it all.” But none of it felt

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I Found an Old Journal…

Instagram Facebook Envelope Where are my fellow inconsistent journalers? Whoa, inaccurate judgment of myself. I was an inconsistent journaler. Then 2 months ago, I found something that I’m actually sticking with… but more on that later!  This week, I was cleaning off a bookshelf and I found a journal that I wrote in sporadically from

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Oh, Hey…

I wrote to you weekly for 6 years. I skipped maybe a handful of weeks scattered over those years, but since Believe in Bunnies launched, I sat faithfully at my keyboard on Sunday mornings to share a tale of rabbit rescue, or my spiritual journey, or walking alongside another being’s journey. My consistency wavered this

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Ah, the Holidays…

Dozens of fall and winter celebrations around the world… and yet, those three hours you have to spend with that relative can feel like the most pressing global event to happen since Brangelina split (to be honest, I’m still in denial about that, but that’s entirely irrelevant). As we approach Thanksgiving, which some view as

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I wrote these words on the morning of Wednesday November 4, 2020, just for some context… It goes without saying (but I’ll say it) that it’s not about one dude or another dude– this isn’t American Idol circa 2003. This is about people. This is about the students who look me in the eye and

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