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I wrote these words on the morning of Wednesday November 4, 2020, just for some context…

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it) that it’s not about one dude or another dude– this isn’t American Idol circa 2003.

This is about people. This is about the students who look me in the eye and tell me they are scared to come to school, something I never heard before 2016. You might not like reading that, but this is a fact from my experience. This is about my friends who are hurt on the daily. In my view, no one deserves that.

You also might not like reading this: Some people see red, white, and blue, while some people solely see white. If your eyes darted back to that sentence and then flared with anger, I implore you to consider why you’re angry. Are you angry because I’ve identified something in you that you’re ashamed of? Oh, gentle reminder that this isn’t necessarily about you, but if you feel like it is, maybe you have some reflection to do… or maybe not. You get to feel however you want to feel. You get to value whatever aligns in your heart and mind. But, if you are acting, feeling, speaking, or thinking in a way that doesn’t feel right, perhaps it’s time to accept a shift or change in your life. Nobody gets to control your thoughts but you. If you haven’t audited your thoughts in a while, or ever, there’s no time like now. 

If you think, “I could never vote for a woman…” or “I could never vote for a person who looks like/loves like/smells like…” I want you to think about why. Then, if you’re good with your reasoning, if you make sense to yourself, if you are solid in your convictions, if that aligns with your values, then stick with that way of thinking. I’m not telling you not to be who you are; I’m simply encouraging you to be honest with yourself. And, yes, that can be difficult or scary… but I believe in you. 

Kindly don’t “Yeah, but…” me here. I’m not interested in deflection. I’m always down for dialogue, particularly dialogue with a foundation of compassion and respect.

Much love… and pride in a better today and an even better tomorrow.

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