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Why Rabbits?

I’ve been asked the question “Why rabbits?” in a variety of contexts over the five years that I’ve been a bunny-mom and subsequently a rescuer.  I typically blink thrice and answer something along the lines of “uh, because… they are awesome.”  I’m sure I’ve given some more constructive answers when the asker is deserving of a quality response.  You, my darling readers, are deserving of a response, although many of you have your own “why” when it comes to our cotton-bottom babies.

Why rabbits…

  • Because the bunny-daddy and I live for our boys. They are the light of our lives.  Even when they are posing as bunstruction workers, Peanut and Tater Tot are the center of our world.    They turn 5 years old this month!
  • Because rabbits are the third most popular pet in America.
  • Because rabbits are the third most abandoned, neglected and abused animal in America.
  • Because, whether the day is sunshiny or downright dreadful, rabbits can always make you smile.
  • Because I can be their voice. As much as they understand us, they still can’t speak back with words.  With nose bonks, snuggles and sometimes grunts, they can though!
  • Because, and this “why” is highly personal, I’ve never felt more alive doing anything in my personal or professional life as I do when I’m giving a rabbit Reiki session, tending to chores at one of our foster homes or just lying on the floor with one of our boys.
  • Because it’s empowering to make a difference… and we are making a beautiful difference in the lives of these bunnies.

That’s how Rescue and Reiki have come together so gloriously for me.  There are tangible tasks, like catching a stray or cleaning a litter box, and there is energy work that heals, comforts and connects.  Put it all together and that’s why.  Why rabbits?  I can’t give you a point of peripety.  There wasn’t just one moment where time stopped and I was showered in golden light (well, now that I write that, there have been a number of moments like that… but we’ll save that topic for another day).  But it is rabbits.  Unequivocally.  I work for them, on the front lines, in the back office and in my energetic field all day, every day.  This hop cannot be stopped.  And I’d love to hear “Why rabbits” for you—please share in the comments!  Much love.

3 thoughts on “Why Rabbits?”

  1. “Why rabbits?” People have asked me that question. I am known as an animal lover. I currently have 3 dogs, two of my dogs are fragile and elderly, a bird, a fish and two rabbits, of which one is disabled and has special needs.
    I am also known as a “care giver”. I am a nurse practitioner in psychiatry and I work with adolescents and their families.
    But, what does any of this have to do with rabbits? I feel that rabbits are one of the most misunderstood, neglected, abused domestic animals on this planet. Rabbits are used in experimentation, rabbits are factory farmed and eaten, rabbits are purchased as frivolous toys for children and then discarded. Rabbits are often kept in deplorable conditions outside in hutches, in horrible weather conditions, ignored and denied socialization or vet care. When a rabbit gets a good home it’s like winning the lottery.
    What many people don’t know or understand about rabbits is how social, loving and interactive they are. How they can develop close relationships with us undeserving humans. They can learn their name, come when called, use a litter pan, they can sense a humans feelings and have been known to support and comfort humans. They have feelings and they express them. They communicate with you using a”rabbit language”. They are gentle, loving souls.
    Being a ” caregiver” and “animal lover”, I am touched by the plight of rabbits and I was moved to join with other rabbit lovers and rescuers to work toward providing good homes for rabbits, educating the public, working towards getting laws to help protect these gentle creatures.

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