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Sugar and Spice

On Tuesday afternoon, we received an email whose subject line read “Urgent.”  We often get emails with that same subject line.  Like many words in our language, the connotation of urgency varies from user to addressee; what you deem urgent, I might very well deem frivolous.  This time, however, the usage of the subject “urgent” was apt.  I might have called it “ULTRA URGENT.”

Sugar and Spice, formerly Oregano and Thyme, were adopted in February 2014.  They were rescued along with their sibling Sage as tiny babies.  Sugar and Spice have never been apart.

Monday night, Sugar began bleeding from a mass on his rear.  His parents rushed him to the vet.  He had to have emergency surgery, costly in financial, physical and emotional ways.  That’s where the urgent email came in.  Sugar’s parents turned to us for support.  And that’s what we are here for.  We aren’t a business from whom you purchase a product; we are a family who connects you to your furry family members.  The LIRRG family hopped into action, readying all the support Sugar, Spice and their family may need.

As 2016 hasn’t been logical or easy for many, it followed suit for dear Sugar.  In recovery from his surgery, Sugar suffered a compression fracture.  Now the ultra-urgent label was apt (my hyperbolic speak comes in handy sometimes).  At this point, it remained unknown if Sugar would have the use of his back legs.  Gratefully, the LIRRG family pulled together even stronger to help Sugar’s family.  I am forever in awe of the people I’ve met through Rescue.

On Friday evening, Mary Ann, our resident expert in special needs care, and I went to Sugar’s house.  While Mary Ann worked with Sugar’s mom and dad on special needs care strategies, I had the opportunity to share Reiki energy with both Sugar and Spice.  I started with my usual lavender oil, for my own connection, as well as to support calming throughout the home.  Spice, the feisty protectorate of her brother, called me to her first.  She communicated the number 11 to me.  Almost immediately in our session, I felt turmoil in her heart chakra—not surprising as she’s been separated for the first time in her life from Sugar.  I did all I could in our session to ease her anxiety about their physical separation.  They will remain side-by-side but not in the same enclosure for now and Spice misses their cuddles so.

When I started my work on Sugar, he showed me the color purple.  I later realized that the litter box in Spice’s enclosure, which will be their enclosure together again someday, is bright purple.  Sugar wants to heal and he has the most loving energy.  He told me that he will get stronger.  I chose Highest Potential oil for him before I left my house that evening, which proved to be the perfect choice for supporting Sugar’s desire to reach his highest potential of strength.  I am grateful that I can be a part of his healing journey.  After our session, I shared a few drops of Believe with Sugar and Spice’s mom and dad to support their belief in the healing and strength of their little boy!

I’ll read every email marked urgent and I’ll be relieved when they truly aren’t urgent.  But, when situations like this crop up, I’m comforted and empowered by our supportive team and family.  I will return to work with Sugar and Spice as often as I can over the next few weeks.  Sugar is on multiple medications and needs to be fed Critical Care food three times per day as he is not fully eating on his own.  He will get acupuncture treatments and tons of love and support from his family and of course from the LIRRG family.  Sugar and Spice… and everything with love.  Keep getting stronger, little guy!

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