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I can’t.  I’ve never been able to… stop, that is.  But I guess that’s just another work-in-progress that I’m sharing with you.  Great… now I’m turning stopping into another thing to do.

I think of myself as relentless.  I’m far beyond driven (my dearest of readers will get the reference).  I’m solutions-oriented, eye on the prize, hate leaving things “undone.”  Definitely not a perfectionist though—things can be done in a messy way.  I just need them done.

And I take on a lot.  Full-time day job, Rescue life, wellness classes and coaching… I need to do some research on workaholics.  See, I’m adding more tasks.  But seriously, I can shut the doors and pull the shades down on the day job and the wellness classes at any time—it’s Rescue life that doesn’t stop.  Emails.  Scheduling.  Catching.  Cleaning.  Feeding.  Vet appointments.  The care and nourishing of volunteers.  Social media and networking.

Combine that with someone (me) who feels like if she stops the system will collapse (it won’t… I know that.  There’s the difference of feeling and knowing) and you have someone who is endlessly working.  It’s all worth it.  I’m not going to stop.  But I am going to stop writing this right now—short and sweet today to give myself a little slice of a break…

Who am I kidding?  There are emails to answer, the event binder needs updating…


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