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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The celebrity world isn’t the only one rocked by loss in 2016.  This weekend alone, 2 beautiful bunny girls made their journey over the Rainbow Bridge (the favored euphemism for passing away… another euphemism, just more common), 2 very different girls, both fitting of a tribute here as they taught me to believe in bunnies and magic within.


You may remember Olivia from some of my previous Reiki tales.  Olivia hopped from this mortal coil on Friday evening.  While still sweet as pure sugar and a sponge for snuggles and love, Olivia lost her ability to move over the preceding week.  She even lost the ability to urinate on her own.  She spent her last few days with her adoring mother gobbling treats and sharing gentle moments.  Olivia lived at least 12 years, maybe 13 (we often don’t know exact ages, due to the nature of rescue cases).  She’s the third senior citiz-bun/special needs bun from the LIRRG roster to journey over the Bridge in 2016.  She joins feisty Belle and kissy Wednesday.  These three angels allowed me to bring Reiki into their lives and I believe they have joined my Reiki guides.  In our time together, Belle taught me to believe in building trust.  Wednesday embodied my belief in unconditional love.  And Olivia helps me to believe that we can all grow old gracefully.  Despite her mobility issues in her last few weeks, Olivia never grumped, nipped or fussed.  I thank Olivia’s mom deeply for sharing the love.

Olivia 416


I covered a shift of “bunny chores” at our main foster home today.  When I checked my phone after chores were done, I had a message from my dear friend Renee.  The message simply said “Suzy” followed by 3 broken heart emojis.  I responded simply “No.”  But, yes, Suzy made her journey over the Bridge this afternoon.  Far too young.  Suzy was born with the most unique case of splayed legs anyone in my rabbit realm has ever seen.  She ran, flopped, played, binkied like the happiest little seal-bunny.  Suzy is a celeb-bunny, the legacy of the Different is Beautiful movement.  Suzy’s pictures and videos exude pure love of life and love of family.  Becoming acquainted with Suzy reminded me to believe in myself and those around me with complete faith.  Suzy didn’t let her physical differences negatively affect her life for one second—from her, I believe that no perceived obstacle in insurmountable.


Binky free, sweet angels.

6 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

  1. So very sorry for everyones loss of their sweet buns this week-this year has started out just terribly for great musicians and deeply loved buns we follow on the internet, have lost my share to the Rainbow Bridge unfortunately it never gets easier again all my ccondolences to Suzys family she is the first I started following as a computer challenged old lady she was so adorable she almost looked like a stuffed animal as you all know who despite her disabilities was a little spitfire I often say buns with disabilities often turn out to be more loving and willing to endure their handicaps better than I could if it were me. RIP.

  2. It is so sad to lose our sweet buns,I also went though the loss and it is not easy,I have been following suzy’s page and she was just the cutest baby,my heart goes out to her family at this sad day,binky free little suzy you will be sadly missed

  3. These spirits always show us how to let go gracefully. My heart goes out to the beautiful people who loved these bunnies. Thanks for sharing, D!

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