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Some Things Remain the Same

I’m Tampa-bound this morning, bound to visit a friend I’ve had and treasured since 2001. With all the upheaval in my life of late (I say UPheaval because these have been positive, UPlifting changes), I’m sitting in JFK Terminal 2 thinking about what hasn’t changed– those few people and things that still matter, that still warm my soul and inspire me.

So, what hasn’t changed in 15 years…

-a number of friends that I can count on one hand. I’m good at weeding the friendship garden.

-my love of reading and of high heels– two admittedly unrelated things, but things none the less. Not shockingly, I’ve packed seven books for a three day trip. Shockingly, I packed zero high heels. Well, I packed then unpacked several pairs. That’s growth.

-my determination and ability to make stuff happen. Not only has that persisted all these years, it’s borderline scary-good as I’m harnessing and expanding my gifts.

-my connection to the number 5, to butterflies, to all things purple. And now I’m learning (bonus!!) the meaning of these connections.

Tampa-bound and boarding shortly…

Impressed with the sense of joy and of peace I feel, simply sitting adjacent to Gate C67, headed to a golden friend, bringing with me the  most glowing self I’ve ever been.

My carry-on is kind of heavy… My spirit is the right kind of light.





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