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So Simple

I bet she didn’t realize, when she sent this simple text this morning, that C. would have such a profound effect on my day.  It’s been Crazy Town, as I affectionately call it, here at headquarters for the last two weeks.  Then, the impending storm gave me the world’s most epic migraine last night as I was in the midst of coordinating our incredible Rescue team who saved 5 abandoned rabbits in the dark.  The migraine came as a warning sign of the serious storm we are experiencing today.  I oiled up and suffered through the worst of it while my text alerts kept going off… one rabbit, two, three, four… please let that be it… five rabbits brought to safety.  In awe of our team, I celebrated the best I could while not being able to move my head.  I used to get weather-related migraines often as a child.  I didn’t enjoy reliving that last night.

I slept a little late today and woke up to a wave of anxiety: day job tasks to complete, sorting out the aftermath of last night’s huge catch, an event I committed to attending, laundry, breathing.

I texted C.  I started to rattle off the “stuff” like I just did for you.  She wrote back simply, “Just do what you can.”

Maybe it’s sad or silly, but it never occurred to me that I could do less than everything.  So every time today when the overwhelming feelings started to wash over me, I grabbed my Stress Away, breathed deeply and repeated “Just do what you can” until I felt back in control.  And I did get a decent amount of “stuff” done today.  The rest will be waiting for me tomorrow.

Thank you C.  You are the greatest gift.  You are the truth.

To donate toward the medical care of the 5 rabbits rescued last night, visit Long Island Rabbit Rescue and click “Donate” on the right.  Much love.

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