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Serving Reiki Realness

I was first introduced to Reiki by my then massage therapist and now dear friend Louise (Sacred Self Wellness), who picked up on some very real “issues” I was feeling that were manifesting as physical pain. Massaging my neck, back and shoulders (she gives outstanding massages!), Louise shared with me some insight she perceived about blocks in my heart and throat chakras. At this point in our interactions, I shared only my physical symptoms, achy shoulder, tightness in the neck and lower back—but her feedback went deeper than “Be sure to stretch” or “Do something relaxing!” Louise, through her Reiki gift, helped me uncover the root of these aches and pains, finally breaking up knots that no massage could seem to release.

So, now I needed to know more and thus my Reiki journey began. Reiki means “spiritual energy” and is known as Universal Life Force Energy.   Is it some hippy-dippy stuff? Maybe. Hippy-dippy-slippy… whatever it is, it works and I’m all in. Reiki works with our natural energies and the energy in all things animate and inanimate. It works hands-on and can happen from a distance. Reiki, from its classic Japanese roots to our modern applications, works to release and to shift energy within to bring balance and flow.

The benefits I’ve reaped from receiving Reiki led me to dig deeper into the methodology of this healing wonder. I’ve been formally attuned to three levels of Reiki energy (one specific to animal healing) and am pursuing my Reiki Master level. After my first attunement, my first formal tap into my own healing energies, the idea to combine this gift with my passion for rabbits and rescue floated in to place. My first official rabbit client Malcolm is a sweet little lop boy who was experiencing some physical issues and I shared Reiki love and light with him and his bunny sister Sylvia. Part of my gift is getting messages, somewhat like Louise was able to read or see in the knots in my neck. I treasure my time with Malcolm and the fact that I was able “translate” his energy into messages for his mom and dad. Erin and Michael, I thank you for that opportunity.

Malcolm has since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge but I count him as one of my main Reiki guides and get messages from him often. He helps me “translate” messages from my own rabbits, whom I treat daily, from other furry clients and from the special needs rabbits at our Rescue group with whom I work every week.

So that, dears, is the origin story, somewhat abridged, of my Reiki rabbit journey.

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