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I still remember the email our rescue group received when Priscilla was found. She was hopping through a residential backyard and the homeowner was able to approach her and bring her to safety indoors with ease—not surprising, as she turned out to be one of the more affectionate rabbits I’ve met in my rescue life! The striking thing about this initial email was that her finder thought he found an injured bunny; he was concerned about her “broken ear.” I get dozens of emails per month about injured and abandoned rabbits—but this was no injury, thankfully! Yes, rabbit friends, have a giggle… this unicorn-lop certainly doesn’t have a broken ear.

Priscilla was adopted a few months after her rescue and her forever-mom Katie has since become a volunteer with our group and a dear friend of mine. As affectionate as “Princess P” can be (her freely-given kisses rival those of our sanctuary bun Wednesday, who has been dubbed “the make-out queen”), she has taken to some intensely possessive behavior toward Katie when she returns home from a shift volunteering at our foster homes. I offered to share some Reiki with the Princess, foremost to soothe any anxiety or issues that might be affecting her behavior but also to get some of those legendary kisses!

Priscilla’s set up is perfect—a “puppy pen” filled with toys and plenty of carpeted space to play when mom is home. Before I began our session, I anointed myself with a few drops of Magnify Your Purpose oil on my wrists and third eye chakra. This oil blend helps me focus on the energies and open my communication channels with my furry clients. I rubbed 4 drops of lavender oil between my palms, inhaled deeply and got to work with the pretty little unicorn.

The first message that Priscilla shared with me is that she feels very strong and healthy! While I was treating her hands-on, she shared the color yellow with me. Yellow is often associated with the solar plexus chakra and with personal power. That makes a lot of sense as Priscilla has been asserting herself when her mom smells like other rabbits! I reassured her through touch and through thoughts that she is Katie’s one and only.

I then turned the focus of our session to letting go of anxieties associated with or manifesting in her behaviors. Like many rabbits that our group rescues, Priscilla’s specific origin is unknown. She gave me the sense that she “ran away” from her previous life, like she knew she would find better, which she absolutely did. I continued to tell her that her relationship with Katie is forever, that no running away would be necessary. Priscilla shared a feeling of sisterly energy with me, like she was saying she knows that Katie is her mom but she feels like they are bonded in more of a sisterly way (how freakin’ cute!).

When I was treating her lower body and focusing on her root chakra, Priscilla shared that she doesn’t mind when Katie goes to work or school for a few hours, that she’s comfortable with the solo time. She also told me that her favorite time of day is early morning and she likes laid-back energy, not a rush through the morning routine feeling!

She didn’t bring up the issue of post-volunteer shift Katie—I guess another session is in order! Magnify Your Purpose… this is my Purpose. I feel electrified even reflecting on our hour together.

Katie, thank you for letting me share some Reiki energy with Princess P and for the beautiful flowers.


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  1. Thank YOU for all that you do; and for this beautiful piece about your experience. We are grateful to have you in our lives! We love you 💜

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