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On Time

I’m bordering on a cliché.  I’m finally in a book club.  I’ve wanted to be in one for years.  I even tried to start one with my college friends post-graduation—no one wanted to participate.  But here it is, finally a formal yet casual setting for me to talk about one of my greatest loves: the written word!  Our first meeting is this coming Friday… and I’m on chapter two of the book.  So there’s the cliché and the reason I will keep this short today: I will not be the one in book club who didn’t read the book.

Reading a book takes time.  I don’t read as much when the day job is in session because the story we tell ourselves is often about a lack of time.  That said, I’m at a tipping point now because, with full gratitude to my mindfulness and Spirit Junkie journeys, I feel like time is expanding.  I’ve reach this glorious place where I don’t feel that manic grasping for time to get stuff done.  I literally feel like I have all the time in the world.  In reality, we all do.

I’m someone who has always been able to “feel” time.  Just ask Bestie—junior year of college, she lived directly below me.  I lived in dorm room 620; she lived in 520.  I’d IM her things like “be down in 3 minutes” or “7 minutes” and she’d often marvel at the precision of my arrival.  Most people flippantly say “2 minutes” or “a few seconds” or what-have-you.  I was born with a fastidious internal clock.  Maybe I’m part-Italian and part-Rolex.

Let me say it again—we have all the time in the world.  When we pay attention, on purpose and with purpose, that time expands for us to do our life’s work, to bask in complete happiness and hopefully combine those two concepts.  Now, it feels like the perfect time to start chapter two.  Much love.

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