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Olivia and Gretchen

Arthritis (noun): painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints.

My paternal grandmother had some serious arthritis in her hands—could barely grab or touch at some points. I had the opportunity to share some Reiki energy and love with four-legged arthritis sufferers this week (and they don’t complain like grandma used to!).

I worked on big, beautiful Olivia first during this session. Her frustration with her mobility issues is increasing so I spent the majority of our time together sending peace and healing as well as incorporating some Young Living lavender oil for relaxation and connection. Olivia was on high-alert while I shared energy with her head, front legs and spine. Her white ears stood straight up and I felt a tightness in my own crown—a message from her that the energy is needed to soothe her frustration and combat her longing for the days when she hopped with less difficulty! I worked on her back legs and hips for the remainder of our session, sending the aforementioned peace and healing to those aching joints. Olivia signaled to me that she was appreciative but done for this session by hopping away into her litter box and munching on some hay.

On to Miss Gretchen… Gretchen, an American Bulldog, also suffers from arthritis. We sat on the living room couch together for our session. She soaks up the love, light and attention like a puppy! When I worked on the back of her neck, connecting to the throat chakra, she “showed me” (see previous posts for more on how I receive and interpret messages) waves of light blue fabric. Gretchen craves more conversation and loves when people talk to her. She enjoys the activity and variety that comes with living in a busy household and she feels like the manager of the place—makes sense, since she’s the biggest animal of the many in the house! When I worked on her hind legs and hips, she wagged her tail against the couch in a pattern of three-three-five, which repeated for the duration of our session. I’ll have to ask Gretchen’s mom Mary Ann if those numbers have any significance!

I closed our session with some sweeping pats and some cleansing Thieves spray on my hands. Sending love, light and comfort to Olivia, Gretchen and all who deal with arthritis, today and always!


Lavender oil and Thieves spray

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