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Make It Count

All this self-imposed pressure to make the days count, to make them epic (and how overused is that word lately? I actually saw a sign, affixed to a telephone pole last week, that read “Epic Garage Sale.” I’m sorry I missed it), to make use of the days off while simultaneously enjoying the freedom and ease of vacation…

One of my B-isms: “Don’t count the days; make the days count.”  I didn’t coin it, but I use it.  Often.  Since I’m not counting days, here are some things I will count for you.

  • Rabbits have 18 toes. Of all of the rabbits with whom I come in contact, I only know one who is missing a digit.
  • I have 3 friends that I’ve had since high school.
  • Domestic rabbits need 35+ hours of exercise time per week.
  • I have 2 friends from college.
  • Tater Tot has chewed 2 holes in our living room couch.
  • Bunny-daddy and I have been together for 6 years.
  • Peanut has bunstructed 2 coffee tables.

Things I can’t count…

  • How many rabbit friends I have.
  • How many pairs of shoes I own.
  • How many bottles of Young Living essential oils I own.
  • How much I love my boys.
  • How many hours I’ve spent answering Rescue emails.
  • How many books I’ve ever read.
  • How much my soul is enriched from Rescue and my Rescue people.

I vow not to put too much pressure on myself, to truly give myself a break during these weeks off from the day job.  However, some things need to get done and I’m using you, my readers, as my accountability.  This week’s goal: clean my desk!  Simple, yet seemingly insurmountable at this time.  Cheer me on.


Now, get off your device (after you like this post, of course) and go make today count!

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