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People perceive me as busy.  I think I’m just blessed from many different directions.

I spent the day on Saturday at Still Partners, a gastropub in Sea Cliff, NY—a town truly out of another era, an era where people were more in touch authentically as opposed to digitally. Three years ago, local legend Mark and the pub’s management planned a fundraiser for our Rescue group, designed to educate the community about the responsibilities of owning a rabbit and to raise much-needed funds for our foster and sanctuary rabbits.  That year, I think 2 or 3 volunteers attended.  There, the groundwork was laid for what is now an annual gift, arranged by Mark and his other half Heidi, where our group can network, educate and enjoy—all while raising enough money to cover some hefty veterinary bills!

Saturday was the third annual installment of this beautifully philanthropic, uplifting event.  This year, the volunteer representation was about 20 members strong.  Many adopters hopped on by to show support.  Our team interviewed some potential adopters and volunteers, too!  We sold t-shirts with the all-too-true slogan “My bunny is my boss” emblazoned across the chest.  We collected donations that reached a staggering four-digit number that makes my heart sing—what a glorious symbol of the support that this darling community gives to our mission.

Better than the huge total of donations is the community we’ve fostered as a Rescue team, LIRRG Family as I affectionately think of us.  We vary in age from teens to 60+.  We vary in backgrounds, in professions, in lifestyles… but our like-minded love of those cotton-bottoms bond us together, a personhood of pure love. Acceptance, gratitude, abundance and purpose… I’m so absolutely inspired by my like-minded Rescue family.  To think of the selfless lengths we all go to balance and hopefully eradicate the trauma that other people choose to put these abandoned and neglected rabbits through… of course I’m grateful for our donors and supporters, but I feel spiritually indebted toward my fellow volunteers and the bunnies who let us love them.


Fundraiser t-shirts

Dee Dee

Dee, Bunny, Dee


Spokesbunny Maurice


Spokesbunny Sherwin

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