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Hoppy Family

I never took a business class in high school or college.  Ironically, I taught college-level business classes at a small college a few years ago.  With teaching, when you have “it,” you have “it.”  Just give me a few moments with the book and I can get the content out.  But anyway… last January, I read Jack Welch’s book Winning.  No, it’s not a tome dedicated to Charlie Sheen; it’s a business-oriented success story.  While it was somewhat out of my realm, I’m often reminded of this one line that I copied into my journal: “Leaders relentlessly upgrade their team…”  I spent the afternoon with our team yesterday.  I’m the one who feels upgraded today.

Every few months (and hopefully every month moving forward), we have a Hoppy Hour, a purely social event where we bunny-minded people get together and hang, without hay and litter boxes (although I did get two bags of pellets yesterday. Thank you, R).  With about 20 people in the core group of volunteers and over 200 people in our Friends of LIRRG group (supporters, adopters, volunteers, foster families), it’s terribly difficult to find a date, time and location that works for everyone but we try to keep it varied and open.  And let’s be honest, not everyone wants to be Hoppy with us anyway…

Bunny-daddy and I joined the squad at Amity Ale’s yesterday, a spot I picked self-servingly—amazing portabella burger!  The usual LIRRG fam showed up and a few faces who don’t always make it to the Hoppy festivities.  It was just bunderful (as we say in the biz) to be amongst those with similar life purpose, those who dedicate hours every week, some, every day, to saving and caring for Long Island’s abandoned, neglected and abused domestic rabbits.  We didn’t even talk much rescue business, just enjoyed the company of other’s who probably had some fur on their clothes and maybe some hay fragments in the bottom of their purses (Or is that just me? And how does it get in there?).

A few years ago, a group of friends drifted from my life, somewhat inexplicably.  I was sad, sometimes mad and a bit baffled—weren’t these supposed to be my friends for life?  But now I understand: the Universe was making room in my life for my boys, for Rescue and for my LIRRG family, the team that I spend my “free” hours relentlessly upgrading but whom, just by existing, upgrade me and my spirit so very greatly.  First Welch was Winning, then Sheen was “Winning” (pardon my anachronism in the first paragraph) and now, with my team surrounding me, I am forever winning.  See you at the next Hoppy gathering.  Much love.


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