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Discipline Your Disappointment

End of April already… Time.  It goes.

Friday night, I spent time with some spiritual changemakers, some truly uplifting women and men who are in touch with their journeys and aligned with many of the same elements that I am.  It was an empowering evening.  And, with Metatron as my guide, I took copious notes.

I’m not sure of the original source but I know this gem was imparted to me by Christine.  If I stop writing now to Google the source, I’ll lose my focus (Know Thyself).  And Christine said to me, “Discipline your disappointment.”  Three simple words yielding one huge shift for me.

I’m predisposed, for a few reasons, to get disappointed easily.  But like Dr. Wayne Dyer writes in Excuses Begone!, resting on the excuse of predisposition will keep us stagnant, or worse.  So when Christine said “Discipline your disappointment” it all came together for me.

Enough with spending energy, time and mental/emotional space being disappointed in my perceptions of other’s actions.  I must keep it moving.  I shall not spend hours fixated on an email, which probably took less than a minute to compose, in which a rabbit “owner” asks for help to “get rid of” their rabbit.  No longer will I let disappointment consume me in those cases (and sadly, those emails come in multiple times per day, with varying syntax) because I’m disciplining my disappointment now, a disappointment that was rooted in an expectation that I set.  I expect people to love and care for their animals, animals that they chose to make a part of their families, to the same degree that I and my fellow volunteers do.  I don’t know these people.  I know nothing of their journey.  I don’t know if they received any guidance on how to make a rabbit a great pet for their family.  All I know is that they write to Rescue looking to dispose of something they no longer want.  I do try to help, to educate and to support.  Maybe thrice annually, we successfully help someone keep the rabbit whom thought they wanted to “dump.”  Most aren’t willing.  Enter my disappointment.  Now, with that disappointment, my discipline will enter.  I can control how much I give to the situation energetically.  I cannot expect someone to give something they don’t have.  I will no longer be deflated and offended when people don’t do what they say they are going to do.  That’s on me.  Those are my expectations; with my new-found discipline, I take responsibility for my feelings and reactions.

But I do know that I hop my hop every day with intention and that intention includes following through, following up and showing up.  I hold myself to a standard of fulfillment and satisfaction—I don’t disappoint.  Much love.

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