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Alexa and Josie 2

We kicked off September with a visit to sisters Alexa and Josie!  There’s something so special about repeat clients—to watch their growth and be part of their opening up and healing is so special to me.

I started the session with some lavender essential oil in my palms and Frankincense on my third eye chakra.  I worked with Josie first.  She hung back in her enclosure for most of our session.  She “showed” me the words family, strength and unity.  She “told” me that she loves the fall season, the upcoming holidays and the family that will be around.  Working on her crown chakra, she feels settled in and she’s calmer than our last session together.  When working on Josie’s heart chakra, I felt a cracking open—not in a bad way!  Strong blues and yellows swirled (I’m “getting” more and more colors; I should tune into that!) through this cracking open, almost like a release of past struggles, rising toward the future!

Alexa came out of her castle and I moved over to her pen.  She “showed” me the number 4.  We did a lot of work on her solar plexus chakra.  Alexa was much more open than our last session together but she’s still guarded.  She showed me a journey, more specially a road with one person walking on it.  She has a message for her mom, which I told mom to watch for in our post-session recap.  Alexa also gave me the number 333 or 9, depending on how you interpret the numbers.  Let’s talk about that for a moment…

Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101, a resource I use more frequently than I use a dictionary or even Wikipedia, shares that number sequences are the most common ways that angels communicate with us.  According to Virtue, 333 means, “You are completely surrounded, protected, love and guided by the benevolent ascended masters.”  Since I have the book out… 9 is about moving forward with your life’s purpose—the time to hesitate is through!  4 means that the angels are with you.

Such beautiful messages and beautiful work with two beautiful bunny girls.  Thank you Kim for allowing me time to work with them.  Much love.

Alexa and Josie

Photo Credit: Kim, Alexa and Josie’s mom

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