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Maddie and Teddy

I drove to Brooklyn and back, all by myself. I brought my passport, just in case they checked at the border and gave some cute stamp. But enough about me—this is about Maddie and Teddy.

Several weeks ago, Maddie developed an abscess on the bottom of her back paw. Maddie and Teddy’s mom sought immediate veterinary treatment at the incomparable Catnip and Carrots Veterinary Hospital and her foot has since healed well.  Over the course of the healing, Maddie and Teddy’s mom and I got to talking about the emotional and metaphysical connections to physical changes and injury. We talked about the connection to feminine energy and the side on which Maddie developed the abscess. I told their mom to read some of my past blog entries about Reiki and rabbits. We decided a Reiki treatment was in order.

I took my pilgrimage west. Upon my arrival to their home, Maddie and Teddy promptly hid behind furniture—stranger in the house! To start our session of sharing energy, I anointed myself with Frankincense and called on our guides to support all beings and objects who are open to the energy.  I started “working” on Maddie first. She “showed” me the color grey. Her third eye chakra is blocked and she has trouble believing in her own instincts so we worked together to shift that energy (and I knew it! There’s the connection to the abscessed feminine energy in her paw!). Maddie “told” me that she feels very secure and loved.

Her root chakra is very solid.  She did not want any hands-on work, which is incredibly interesting when compared to the ridiculously lavish snuggle session she and I had after the Reiki was over. Maddie flopped as soon as I started working with her husbun Teddy.

Teddy doesn’t want anyone to know his “secrets” or about his past, in a silly, playful way, so much so that he ran across the room and up the stairs! Teddy is very funny, like a cartoon character in his spirit. He “showed” me the numbers 2, 3 and 2 again. His sacral chakra is low or blocked so we worked to open up that energy. Overall he has a very chill energy. He loves music and the flow of water. It is likely that he is a water sign, but tough for us to do his astrological chart since we don’t know his exact birthdate!

Together, Maddie and Teddy love being a couple and they know they are with this family forever. I am very grateful to Maddie and Teddy’s mom for allowing me to share Reiki with her furbabies. Much love!

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Something to Share

In this oversharing climate, it’s pretty jarring when someone is legitimately keeping something private—not even “Vague-booking” about what’s going on.  (Vague-booking is a term one of my colleagues either coined or stole, to explain those clandestine social media posts that feign privacy when they really just intend to incite a clamoring of concern.)  So to find out that someone is actually keeping a secret, actually keeping something to herself is one part refreshing and one part scary.  Then, when you find out what the secret is, the parts converge… and sometimes it’s all scary.

In my quest to spend less time checking social media, I’m down with the concept of sharing less.  I was raised in a private family and, although I’m more open with my business than my parents are with theirs (a hallmark of my generation for sure), I don’t think of myself as an oversharer.  But that’s definitely a matter of perspective.  Maybe I’m moderate when it comes to sharing.  But I’m definitely an over-checker.

Enough about me.  Gone are the days (or decades) when you didn’t hear from or about someone for a period of time and that was just normal.  If there’s no evidence of your existence, a Snapchat, a “Jennifer reacted to…” or something of that nature for even a few hours, some consider that a cause for alarm.  When you don’t hear from someone for weeks, maybe you don’t notice.  Maybe you invent stories, modest or grandiose, about their whereabouts.  Maybe you take inventory of yourself (What did I say or do to cause this disconnect?)… but don’t be selfish.  It’s probably not about you.

Call me vague now (I’ve been called worse by better) but I’m not getting into further detail—though I’ll give you the lessons.

  1. Reach out. Reach out often. Don’t be afraid to send the first (or fifth) text.
  2. Trust your gut. If you feel like something is up, it is.
  3. Let people be there for you! You know who the true and pure ones are.  Open up to them.  We aren’t meant to hop this entire journey alone… especially not in the most difficult times.

For those of you keeping me accountable, my desk is cleaner than it was last week!  Small victories.

My intention for this week, very much inspired by the lessons above: Reach out and connect.  In real life. A “like” just isn’t enough sometimes.

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