Teaching You: Finding Calm in the Toughest Job You’ll Never Quit


We give and give and give…

Our intellect. Our supplies. Our passion. Our time. Our creativity. Our energy.

We end the day, the week, the school year feeling depleted.

We spend all summer trying to catch up– appointments, projects around the house and, of course, chasing that mirage of weeks and weeks off to do “whatever you want.”

Let’s make this summer count.

Don’t go back to school in September without knowing where your weeks went. Don’t go back into that classroom without truly recharging. Don’t enter those hallways before you reset and find the calm you so deeply deserve.

The key: taking care of You.

The more you develop yourself, the better you’ll feel. You will spend your days with clarity and purpose, rather than in overwhelm and frenzy.

You matter… and you belong here.

Introducing… Teaching You: Finding Calm in the Toughest Job You’ll Never Quit

The 6-week online course for education professionals to finally put themselves first to, in turn, better serve their families, their schools and their communities.

Here’s to your best summer yet!


About the Course

Teaching You: Finding Calm in the Toughest Job You’ll Never Quit is a 6 week online course, meeting once a week via Zoom.

Topics include:

  • Relationship to stress
  • Self-care practices
  • Time and organization
  • Remember who you are
  • Associations
  • Self-image and shining your light

Participants will receive;

  • PDF worksheets prior to each session
  • Recordings of each class via email
  • Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support and community throughout the journey
  • A one-on-one life coaching call with Denise ($150 value, to be used within 6 months of class enrollment)
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Denise Bertolotti's class reminds us that we have to take care of ourselves first to be the best we can be for our students, family and friends. Denise provides us with many diverse techniques to help reduce our stress and anxiety. I have taken her class twice because it is very important to reflect on your life to be the best you!
Lauren K.
I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Personal Development workshop offered by my district hosted by Denise Bertolotti. I truly believe people and events come into our lives at a time when we need them most. Even if we are unsure of the “why” at the moment...eventually it makes sense. I was going through a situation personally that I had a lot of uncertainty with. My first child was getting ready to leave for college. I know it may sound small to some but for my family it was huge. The monetary uncertainty, letting go of a child and the changes that would come with it. We are very close family and this was a huge transition for us to endure. This workshop gave me the tools I needed to ground myself and be the best I could be during this difficult time. I still keep my “workbook” in my night table draw and call upon it often at the end of the day to reflect on what was great and what I could have done differently. It also helps me reflect on situations I journaled and how I have grown since then. Sometimes I just need it to remind myself that it’s going to be ok. I highly recommend the Personal Development workshop. Denise Bertolotti is real, genuine, and compassionate. She allows herself to get vulnerable without judgement taking this workshop to a level that if you allow it....is life changing!
Denise M.
This past summer I took a professional development class with Denise Bertolotti. I am a teaching assistant and decided to take this class since I thought it would be about ways I can better myself personally after being in the classroom all day. I was pleasantly surprised to learn so many techniques to not only help me relax, but also let those little annoyances that come up go away . I started to recognize important people in my life who bring me love and support and I also recognize people who bring me down. I figured out who I actually am as a person and what future goals I would like to achieve. I truly enjoyed taking this class and I think any professional would benefit from taking this class. I felt more relaxed and I appreciated my surroundings more. I loved it so much that I am now taking the class again.
Cindy O.

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