I still remember the email our rescue group received when Priscilla was found. She was hopping through a residential backyard and the homeowner was able to approach her and bring her to safety indoors with ease—not surprising, as she turned out to be one of the more affectionate rabbits I’ve met in my rescue life!… Continue reading Priscilla

Olivia and Justine

Every Monday evening, I visit our special needs and sanctuary rabbits’ foster home and help with “bunny chores” like cleaning litter boxes, vacuuming, and rotating rabbits out for exercise time. With last week’s storm, I shifted my schedule to head over there on Tuesday evening; shifting my shift opened up time for me to give… Continue reading Olivia and Justine

Serving Reiki Realness

I was first introduced to Reiki by my then massage therapist and now dear friend Louise (Sacred Self Wellness), who picked up on some very real “issues” I was feeling that were manifesting as physical pain. Massaging my neck, back and shoulders (she gives outstanding massages!), Louise shared with me some insight she perceived about… Continue reading Serving Reiki Realness

Some Things Remain the Same

I’m Tampa-bound this morning, bound to visit a friend I’ve had and treasured since 2001. With all the upheaval in my life of late (I say UPheaval because these have been positive, UPlifting changes), I’m sitting in JFK Terminal 2 thinking about what hasn’t changed– those few people and things that still matter, that still… Continue reading Some Things Remain the Same

I Believe in Bunnies

I believe in bunnies. And not just because I can walk into my living room right now and see two of them, hopping around, playing and munching on Timothy hay. I believe in bunnies because their presence in my life shifted my purpose, brought me to a sense of fulfillment that everything else through which… Continue reading I Believe in Bunnies