Holistic Life Coaching

I am committed to helping you find your true happiness.


Are you ready to embrace your true happiness? It is time to find and shift what’s been blocking your happiness, your purpose and your truth. Coaching helps you uncover your gifts and put your plans into action. In coaching sessions with me, you will learn to release your fears, find your confidence and transform your frustrations into celebrations.


Personalized, one-to-one coaching via Zoom or phone call, at the client’s preference.

My specialties include accountability, relationship to stress, self-care practices, goal setting, time, organization and discovering your purpose.


I am a certified Holistic Life Coach through the University of Wellness.


Believe in your happiness.

Customers reviews

What do people say?

Working with Denise has been nothing short of a blessing!!!! Her warm nature and ability to understand my struggles beyond the surface has allowed me the ability to explore the core of what I have been struggling with and begin the process of manifesting change in my life. Her kindness and ability to relate fosters a safe environment to show up as my authentic self without fear of judgement!!
Erica Y.
If you're lucky enough to live in the same world and at the same time as life coach Denise Bertolotti ... don't pass up the opportunity. I promise you need her in your life for one reason or another.
Jacey B.
Working with Denise has been a life-altering experience. Her compassion and kindness makes going deep safe and effortless. The work we’ve done together has been transformative. Since working with her, I know I deserve true happiness in my life. Denise is extremely personable and has brought happiness into my life in numerous ways. Her arsenal of gifts is unlike anything. I’m grateful to have such an incredible coach on my side through this journey!
Bella T.
Denise has a special gift when it comes to helping people become the best version of themselves through her life coaching. She is able to look into a situation and come up with a clear plan based on your specific goals in a non-judgmental way. During our session I felt extremely comfortable and trusting in her to help to guide me in the direction I’ve been longing to go. Absolutely trust that she can help you to transform your overall outlook, and your life!
Nicole W.