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April 2017


Discipline Your Disappointment

End of April already… Time.  It goes.

Friday night, I spent time with some spiritual changemakers, some truly uplifting women and men who are in touch with their journeys and aligned with many of the same elements that I am.  It was an empowering evening.  And, with Metatron as my guide, I took copious notes.

I’m not sure of the original source but I know this gem was imparted to me by Christine.  If I stop writing now to Google the source, I’ll lose my focus (Know Thyself).  And Christine said to me, “Discipline your disappointment.”  Three simple words yielding one huge shift for me.

I’m predisposed, for a few reasons, to get disappointed easily.  But like Dr. Wayne Dyer writes in Excuses Begone!, resting on the excuse of predisposition will keep us stagnant, or worse.  So when Christine said “Discipline your disappointment” it all came together for me.

Enough with spending energy, time and mental/emotional space being disappointed in my perceptions of other’s actions.  I must keep it moving.  I shall not spend hours fixated on an email, which probably took less than a minute to compose, in which a rabbit “owner” asks for help to “get rid of” their rabbit.  No longer will I let disappointment consume me in those cases (and sadly, those emails come in multiple times per day, with varying syntax) because I’m disciplining my disappointment now, a disappointment that was rooted in an expectation that I set.  I expect people to love and care for their animals, animals that they chose to make a part of their families, to the same degree that I and my fellow volunteers do.  I don’t know these people.  I know nothing of their journey.  I don’t know if they received any guidance on how to make a rabbit a great pet for their family.  All I know is that they write to Rescue looking to dispose of something they no longer want.  I do try to help, to educate and to support.  Maybe thrice annually, we successfully help someone keep the rabbit whom thought they wanted to “dump.”  Most aren’t willing.  Enter my disappointment.  Now, with that disappointment, my discipline will enter.  I can control how much I give to the situation energetically.  I cannot expect someone to give something they don’t have.  I will no longer be deflated and offended when people don’t do what they say they are going to do.  That’s on me.  Those are my expectations; with my new-found discipline, I take responsibility for my feelings and reactions.

But I do know that I hop my hop every day with intention and that intention includes following through, following up and showing up.  I hold myself to a standard of fulfillment and satisfaction—I don’t disappoint.  Much love.

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I can’t.  I’ve never been able to… stop, that is.  But I guess that’s just another work-in-progress that I’m sharing with you.  Great… now I’m turning stopping into another thing to do.

I think of myself as relentless.  I’m far beyond driven (my dearest of readers will get the reference).  I’m solutions-oriented, eye on the prize, hate leaving things “undone.”  Definitely not a perfectionist though—things can be done in a messy way.  I just need them done.

And I take on a lot.  Full-time day job, Rescue life, wellness classes and coaching… I need to do some research on workaholics.  See, I’m adding more tasks.  But seriously, I can shut the doors and pull the shades down on the day job and the wellness classes at any time—it’s Rescue life that doesn’t stop.  Emails.  Scheduling.  Catching.  Cleaning.  Feeding.  Vet appointments.  The care and nourishing of volunteers.  Social media and networking.

Combine that with someone (me) who feels like if she stops the system will collapse (it won’t… I know that.  There’s the difference of feeling and knowing) and you have someone who is endlessly working.  It’s all worth it.  I’m not going to stop.  But I am going to stop writing this right now—short and sweet today to give myself a little slice of a break…

Who am I kidding?  There are emails to answer, the event binder needs updating…


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Authenticity truly makes me tick (in a good way… not like a nervous tic or an incessant ticking of a clock).  In a culture where we share all the highlights of our lives, the way we want our lives to be perceived, in a running pictorial accessible to all, I find myself frustrated with the disingenuous.  That’s my stuff, my problem to release.  But why are you celebrating something that you don’t truly believe in?  Why did you say you would never _________ (fill in story-line here) but there you are doing it again?!  I can’t seem to let the inauthentic float by without wanting to grab it and shake it!  I’ll get there; I just need to do the work.

Let me take my own advice this morning—stop scrolling and judging; get back to focusing on what I want to see blossom and flourish in my authentic existence.  So here’s what’s real:

-Rescue had TWO successful education events yesterday.

-I spent the afternoon with a team of beautiful women who could have been anywhere in the world but chose to spend their day connecting with the community about rabbit care, fostering, volunteering and adopting.  No pretense, no selfish agendas, just pure bunny love.

-While I did that, the team at the other education event was doing the same.  Synergy.

-Some other members of our team opened a case and began working with local authorities on a situation where domestic rabbits are not being provided with appropriate shelter.  This may be a complicated one…

I found Rescue life and I chose to commit my “free time” to this cause.  Nothing awakens my soul like Rescue and Reiki do.  People may comment that I never stop, that the phone is always going, that something is always in the works.  Damn right… because this is my reality.  This is what I’m called to do and I will bask in that reality, even when it goes against conventional taste.

And I’m not here to say or even imply that the only “things” that are authentic are such great feats or have to be in line with my realm of real.  Just do what you say you’re going to do.  Just live what makes you feel fired up inside.  Stop trudging along the path that everyone else is marching—be you.  First you have to find you and accept you.  Authenticity.

Take a moment of silence to all the “Easter bunnies and chicks” who will not see their first birthdays.

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People perceive me as busy.  I think I’m just blessed from many different directions.

I spent the day on Saturday at Still Partners, a gastropub in Sea Cliff, NY—a town truly out of another era, an era where people were more in touch authentically as opposed to digitally. Three years ago, local legend Mark and the pub’s management planned a fundraiser for our Rescue group, designed to educate the community about the responsibilities of owning a rabbit and to raise much-needed funds for our foster and sanctuary rabbits.  That year, I think 2 or 3 volunteers attended.  There, the groundwork was laid for what is now an annual gift, arranged by Mark and his other half Heidi, where our group can network, educate and enjoy—all while raising enough money to cover some hefty veterinary bills!

Saturday was the third annual installment of this beautifully philanthropic, uplifting event.  This year, the volunteer representation was about 20 members strong.  Many adopters hopped on by to show support.  Our team interviewed some potential adopters and volunteers, too!  We sold t-shirts with the all-too-true slogan “My bunny is my boss” emblazoned across the chest.  We collected donations that reached a staggering four-digit number that makes my heart sing—what a glorious symbol of the support that this darling community gives to our mission.

Better than the huge total of donations is the community we’ve fostered as a Rescue team, LIRRG Family as I affectionately think of us.  We vary in age from teens to 60+.  We vary in backgrounds, in professions, in lifestyles… but our like-minded love of those cotton-bottoms bond us together, a personhood of pure love. Acceptance, gratitude, abundance and purpose… I’m so absolutely inspired by my like-minded Rescue family.  To think of the selfless lengths we all go to balance and hopefully eradicate the trauma that other people choose to put these abandoned and neglected rabbits through… of course I’m grateful for our donors and supporters, but I feel spiritually indebted toward my fellow volunteers and the bunnies who let us love them.


Fundraiser t-shirts

Dee Dee

Dee, Bunny, Dee


Spokesbunny Maurice


Spokesbunny Sherwin

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Accept Yourself

Madonna sang “Express Yourself” (still one of my all-time favs) and today I’m remixing it to Accept Yourself.

I do my best work in the morning.  I’m undeniably a morning person and I’ve allowed myself to create this detrimental thought pattern that I can’t write well, don’t communicate at my best and won’t perform at my highest potential later in the day.  When you get up as early as I do, later in the day is comparatively early for most people.  So I find myself at a challenge, right at this very moment.  I’m sitting here, at the keyboard, at 7:08pm.  I’ve convinced myself over the course of decades that I can’t write this late.  It’s clear to me that I am more focused in the morning hours, so I accept that about myself—truly I celebrate that.  This morning, then afternoon, then (my version) of early evening flowed by with lots of productivity in other arenas, but the blog still isn’t written and the emails aren’t answered.

And then the brain starts going: You can’t write at night.  You won’t produce with quality.  It will take you 10 times longer to answer emails.  And don’t forget about that pile about day-job work on the table…

I can play out those limiting beliefs or I can choose a new pattern, choose to “unstick” myself from thoughts that are holding me back from tasks that need to be done (those Rescue emails aren’t going to answer themselves!).  Instead of walking circles around the house, stumbling through smaller tasks while the mind swirls around the writing, I chose to accept myself, wrench open the laptop and write to you.  And I will answer the unread emails as soon as I’m done here.  And I’ll try not to beat myself up if I have to stay up past 8pm or if I leave a task undone tonight.

I took a class Friday evening on the Aroma Freedom Technique (I totally did not anticipate writing to you about this! I sat down intending to write about this week’s 2 rescues!).  My mentor Gina Califano taught about the technique and guided attendees through this powerful practice.  In her introduction, during which I took copious notes, Gina talked about overcoming our resistance.  She talked about how experiences create our beliefs; our beliefs create our behaviors; our behaviors create our experiences.  There’s the cyclical nature of it all.  The Aroma Freedom Technique is designed to get us “unstuck,” to facilitate release, to help us reach new heights.  I had such an incredible response personally to the technique that I’ve chosen to seek certification in Aroma Freedom so I can share it with you and your fur-babies too.

And here I am, two nights later, needing to release the limiting belief about when and how I can accomplish tasks.  I accept myself as a morning person and producer but it’s time for me to embrace other moments of me, not just the top-speed, ultra-effective version.  Gina said, “Once you’re aware of it, you can start to move it out.”  It’s time for me to breathe, to loosen up the rigidity I enforce on myself, and to keeping hopping my hop toward my highest potential with grace.  Much Love.


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