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November 2016

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Never Too Far

Help can take myriad forms.  For labeling purposes, help in the Rescue world takes the following forms:

-Catches/Rescues: safely containing and bringing an abandoned rabbit to safety

-Adopting: committing to loving and caring for a rabbit indoors for his/her life span

-Fostering: caring for and loving an adoptable or sanctuary rabbit in your home until a forever home is found

-Networking: spreading the word about rabbit care, adoption and the bleak situation for domestic rabbits on Long Island via social media, in person or any form of communication

-Events: attending and/or helping coordinate education and fundraising events

-Transports: bringing supplies, donations or rabbits from one place to another (often “far” distances)

-Donations: in priority order of their need for our Group at the present time: time, money, supplies

-Bunny Chores: taking that aforementioned donated time and spending it cleaning, feeding and snuggling our foster and sanctuary rabbits

-Collecting Newspaper and Other Supplies: We’ve got to line our litter boxes somehow…

-Emails and Phone Calls: responding to the 100+ contacts we get per month

-Scheduling: adoptions, volunteer shifts, education sessions and events

-Positive Vibes: Energy exists and moves!  Although intangible to some, the positive vibes are amongst the most valuable forms of help you can give!

I think I covered all the major categories of help, but even if I glossed over one or some, you should get the idea of just how much it takes to make this all happen.  We are saving more lives than ever before; just because the team is great at doing so doesn’t mean the workload decreases ever or at all!  For every individual rabbit saved, we need many hours of volunteer time and hundreds or thousands of dollars (yes, per rabbit) in donations depending on length of time in foster care, medical needs, etc.

To those on the outside, it might seem “easy”—just go rescue that rabbit, pop her in a cage and a life is saved.  In truth, an efficient and effective Rescue Group takes way more than that.  We were involved in a rescue this week of two rabbits over the course of 4-5 days.  That rescue took place well over an hour east from the volunteers who were able to coordinate this particular case.  They didn’t balk at the distance or even at the cold weather on the day that Orion (black and white) was rescued.  When Luna (brown and white) was brought to safety, getting her transported west toward our most-frequented rabbit-savvy vets proved a bit more challenging and the ensuing conversation amongst volunteers and supporters inspired me to write this today.

No, I’m not bragging about how much we do.  No, I’m not flinging guilt at those who don’t offer frequent tangible help (PLEASE see the Positive Vibes lines above).  No, I’m not complaining about what this takes—it’s volunteer.  No one “makes” me do this.

When you feel inspired, scan the list above and know you’re never too far to help in some kind of way.  And every second of help, in any form, is treasured and appreciated, always.  Much love.

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Just how does she do it?

I’ll tell you how.  I purposefully combine the Law of Attraction and the Law of Action.  I mindfully Manifest and Act accordingly.  I capitalize words that have become proper nouns in my journey; without language, I am but a bag devoid of contents.  And, since the Bunny Daddy and I moved last week, I am currently surrounded by boxes and bags brimming with contents, so I’ll keep this short…

Reiki, Rescue and Essential Oils help me keep it all together.  I am a powerhouse, with or without those specific forces.  Please don’t misinterpret my confidence and self-awareness for egotistical falsities.  I speak the facts of my journey as I see and feel them.  I am Reiki, as are you, as are all beings and things.  The energy flows, sometimes swirls.  I’ll always share it with you and I appreciate you sharing the positive kind back with me.  And Rescue… that’s family.  The lives we save become instant family.  We love each without condition.  We grow to love each other, the adopters, volunteers and supporters, and show up for each other in amazing ways.  Last night, about 25 of us got together, made and decorated chocolate bunnies, laughed, cried and ate a lot.  A beautiful night.

And the Oils… the precious little bottles that can you find in every room of our house, scattered throughout my purse, tucked away in my desk drawer at the day job so they don’t go missing.  Make no mistake: I make things happen, not the oils.  I am the magic; they just bring it out in me.  And you are the magic too—I do NOT hoard the powers for myself.  On the drive home last night, one of our conversations got me thinking about the oils I used to get me through the house purchasing and moving process, so I’m going to share my routine from that time with you… But please understand that I do go way big with the oils.  One does not need to use as many as I do or as much as I do to enhance the magic in one’s own life.  One oil, one drop just might do the trick… I’m just pulling off (not turning!) a lot of tricks at once here!

Thieves on the bottom of the feet, 2-3 times per day, without exception, to support a healthy immune system.

In the morning:

-2 drops of Grounding on the tops of each foot, in effort to stay present throughout the day.

Valor, Humility, or Highest Potential over the solar plexus chakra, again depending on my impending day.

Envision or Magnify Your Purpose over the heart.

Believe and Abundance on the arms.

Throughout the day:

-TONS of Stress Away and LavenderPeace and Calming came in handy too, all of these used topically and aromatically.

White Angelica and water in a spray bottle.  Keep the good energies in and the negatives away!

In the evening:

-A few repeats from the morning routine, depending on what came up during the day.

-Something soothing diffused at bed time.

Again, I’m an over-indulger.  Just like I have a full-time job, a family, run two businesses and a non-profit organization, I go hard with the Oils.  Any one or two of the above, once or twice a day would totally suffice.  Then again, I didn’t just find a place to live; I found my dream home.  I don’t just work with a Rescue; we save record numbers of lives.  But I started oiling small, a few drops a day.  Just be consistent and committed to what’s important to you.  Let the magic happen.

Forgive my absence last week.  Much love.

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Feeling Poorly…

Last Sunday, literally minutes after I posted my blog, I began to peel a banana.  Bunny families know the mayhem that ensues at first snap of the peel (does the long part have a name? Is it a stem?).  Well, Tater Tot didn’t come running– Usually he zooms in when I so much as glance in the direction of a banana.  I held my breath and prayed he was just in such a deep sleep in his Sunday afternoon spot that he didn’t smell the nanner.  I approached.  I wafted the fruit.  I broke off a little piece, while Peanut was bopping up and down in his crate, anxiously awaiting his sweet treat.  I stuck the piece under Tater’s nose.  No go.  Uh oh.

I dropped everything that my typical “lockdown but rarely sit down Sunday” entails.  If he’s not taking a treat, something is definitely and seriously wrong, or about to be.  Our emergency kit is at the ready (and thankfully not used often).  I began to lay out the supplies, sent a text to M., my rescue director and mentor, and contacted Dr. M., our beautiful and beautifully dedicated veterinarian.  I cannot stress enough the value of having a truly rabbit-savvy vet, especially one open 7 days/week and who takes emergencies 24 hours/day.  I snapped into Nurse Mommy mode the best I could.  Tater’s temperature was 100.7—not horrible but low enough to be a sign of something wrong.  He was refusing every treat or green we tried to tempt him with.  I gave him a dose of gas drops and a dose of pain reliever, as directed by M. and Dr. M.

Bunny daddy and I brought the Tot into our room, a room he never goes in, to tempt his bunny instincts to explore.  As we suspected some GI issues brewing, we wanted to keep him moving as much as possible.  He wanted none of that!  He just wanted to lie down.  We alternated between poking him to move and giving him tummy rubs.  Our darling little boy.  45 minutes later, his temperature was 101.2 but still no desire for food, treats or activity.  There was one medicine that we didn’t have in our emergency kit (but we do now!) so our options were to drive the 40ish minutes to the vets’ office to pick up the meds, then 40ish minutes back home and hope that they were the right ones for whatever was brewing… or just pop the little one into his travel carrier and take him to see Dr. M.  We went with option two… car rides can often help loosen up anything in the little tummy that could be causing issues.

As suspected, Dr. M. felt a tummy full of gas!  She gave Tater Tot two more meds and sent us home with a supply of meds and instructions.  After a few days of meds 3 times/day and thankfully only one day of force feeding, the little potato is all better.  And he’s still with us today, bunstructing everything in sight because:

-we are attentive rabbit owners.  We know his habits and knew quickly that something wasn’t right.

-we took immediate action.

-we have an emergency kit on hand at all times.

-we know how to use the items in our emergency kit. If you own a rabbit and don’t know how to take temperature, get lessons!

-we contacted our support team (experienced rescue director and rabbit-savvy vet) right away.


Tater Tot, from his 5th birthday photo shoot.

And yes, sometimes, even these measures are not enough and our little beloveds have to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  It’s all a part of our experience in this dimension.  But being as prepared, in both knowledge and execution, as possible helped keep our Tater Tot with us.  My darling boy.  And all this on the eve of his 5th birthday.  I’d write more now, but he’s surely destroying something in the living room and I must attend to that! Much love.

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